About Us

15-years experience

15-years of experience in data & information gathering, processing & analysis in SEE countries.

Team of multidisciplinary experts

International economic & political relations specialists, legal & economic experts, journalists, auditors.

Timely & relevant

The situation is monitored non-stop, on a daily basis.

Systematic and analytical approach

Developments assessment & data compilation, trends & tendencies, identification & analysis.


Situational modeling of the most probable developments in a short-, middle- and long-term perspective.

Accuracy & concision

Average press-clipping – 20-25 pages long. Our survey for 1 country and 1 economy sector – 1-2 pages.

Structured approach

Our informational & analytical support is tailor-made according to the client’s needs, unlike the press-clipping, which does not require the client to spend additional time filtering the useless-useful information.

Nonpartisanship & integrity

SEE countries are known for highly fragmented and politically polarized media environment (for example, in Serbia there are over 2,500 mass media officially registered, in Bosnia – over 1,300), an overwhelming number of which are even pro- or anti-government oriented. We are nonpartisan.


Multilanguage service.